Homeowner Services

Pagepost Homeowner Services - Homeowner Services

Signature Properties partners not only with the best real estate brokers to help you find the home of your dreams but also with top quality home care service providers that give your home all the attention it deserves. The services include:


Pagepost Homeowner Services Plumbing - Homeowner Services

Installation, repair and maintenance of residential plumbing pipes, outdoor plumbing and sump pumps.

Electrical work

Pagepost Homeowner Services Electrical work - Homeowner Services

Installation and repair of switches, outlets, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Other varied electrical and wiring issues.

Lawn care

Pagepost Homeowner Services Lawn care - Homeowner Services

Lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, gutter cleaning, gardening and leaf removal.

House cleaning

Pagepost Homeowner Services Lawn care House cleaning - Homeowner Services

All types of cleaning for all types of purposes: move-in and move-out cleaning, standard and deep cleaning.

Carpet cleaning

Pagepost Homeowner Services Lawn care Carpet cleaning - Homeowner Services

Wet, dry, steam or foam carpet cleaning.

Junk removal

Pagepost Homeowner Services Lawn care Junk removal - Homeowner Services

Removal of household and construction junk, yard waste, trash and large home appliances.

At Signature Properties, we also work to give everyone the most relevant and updated information so they can be the best possible homeowner. Given that, we have compiled a list of the top 8 websites every homeowner should visit and bookmark.

The Top 8 Websites for Homeowners


Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. This website gives great tips on how to clean any room and everything inside and outside the house. It covers every possible type of cleaning you can imagine.


This website provides tons of useful tools and information for new owners moving to a new area. It includes reports on cities, schools, salaries and cost of living.


Properly maintaining your home will improve your lifestyle and keep your house value. Home Time has videos and articles of many maintenance projects from which you can learn and get inspired.

Regardless of the installation or repair, you have in hands, this website will most likely have you covered.


Yard maintenance goes way beyond mowing the lawn. This site helps you plan a garden from step one and has all the information you need throughout the entire process.


The House Directory searches through more than 3000 sources to help you find furnishings for your home. It is very well categorized into intuitive, easy-to-navigate topics.


Etsy lets you discover a multitude of handmade and vintage products designed for home decoration. It is an online marketplace where you can find virtually anything, from furniture to pottery and artwork.


Living an eco-friendly life in an eco-friendly home will be less of a challenge with this website. Its section dedicated to home will give you tips on how to reduce waste and save energy.


This calculator helps you determine how much energy you are using and paying for. Then, it lets you know the monetary and environmental benefits of opting for high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions.